April 5, 2023 – CentOS Stream

During a previous Central INdiana Linux User Group (CINLUG) meeting, members were chatting about using CentOS as a platform for developing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Questions came up about how CentOS Stream figures into the mix. So, we sought out a specialist to tell us about it!

On Wednesday, April 5th, Peter Larsen will cover how CentOS Stream differs from RHEL and how CentOS Stream is much more like RHEL than what the old CentOS Linux ever was — all while strengthening its community focus. We’ll talk about Open Source principles and the big perspective on how GNU/Linux distributions are made.

The meeting will begin at 18:30 (6:30 PM) EDT.

Peter Larsen has been a GNU/Linux user since the mid 1990s and has used it on professional, production servers since the late 1990s. His preferred distributions are RPM-based: Fedora for his graphical workstation jobs and CentOS/RHEL for his server workloads.

Throughout his life, Peter has programmed on mainframes, worked on OS/2 and tolerated Windows NT. Having started his professional career in 1987, he is proud that the last time that he used Windows professionally was in 2006. GNU/Linux works for all kinds of work!

Peter is an Open Source proponent, is active in several Linux user groups and is a frequent speaker.

CINLUG thanks Moser Consulting for hosting our CINLUG meetings at their facility. (There will be a phone number at the entrance to call to be let into the building.) The meeting will be simultaneously broadcast over Jitsi Meet for those who cannot attend in person. (Though in-person attendance is encouraged.)

CINLUG meetings are the 1st Wednesday of every month. Please be sure to block that night off in your calendar to keep it available!