July CINLUG Meeting — Dissecting CUPS

While setting up many printers on GNU/Linux is as easy as pointing-and-clicking, one may wonder about what is going on “under the hood”. Foomatic, PPD files, Gutenprint — what are all these things?!

So join Bryan Mason1 at the July Central INdiana Linux User Group (CINLUG) meeting as he takes us on a tour of CUPS (formerly an acronym for Common UNIX Printing System) and explains the parts! He may also share with us what he knows about the upcoming CUPS version 3!

The meeting will begin at 18:30 (6:30 PM) EDT on Wednesday, July 3rd.

CINLUG thanks Moser Consulting for hosting our meetings at their facility2. (There will be a phone number at the entrance to call to be let into the building.) The meeting will be simultaneously broadcast over this Jitsi Meet URL3 for those who cannot attend in person. (Though in-person attendance is encouraged.)

CINLUG meetings are the 1st Wednesday of every month.  Please be sure to block that night off in your calendar to keep it available!  Tentative upcoming topics are:

  • August: Linux network video recorders (NVR) / digital video recorders (DVR)
  • September: NixOS
  • In the fall: hyper-converged infrastructure software

  1. As a Principal Software Maintenance Engineer at Red Hat, Bryan spent nearly 20 years working with enterprise customers solving issues as simple as “How do I install my new printer” and as complex as “This bar code isn’t printing correctly and now we can’t ship anything.” He has contributed bug fixes and other patches to the upstream CUPS project and continues to help maintain CUPS, ghostscript, and other software packages that are part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. ↩︎
  2. 6220 Castleway West Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46250 ↩︎
  3. https://meet.jit.si/moderated/134cc7812d19508ed2117e7877c63534ea772134032d8140c2526e74925b1a9b ↩︎