June 5th, 2024 — Enterprise Server Networking

Explore configuring your Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (and similar modern-day GNU/Linux distributions) servers for enterprise networking with Greg Brown1 at the June Central INdiana Linux User Group (CINLUG) meeting.

See all of the major steps needed to get your server on the network — from interfaces, to connections, to name/IP resolution.  Additionally, we’ll look at the options to configure port aggregation and high availability.  We will explore a variety of system tools you can use to achieve these ends, along with newly supported frameworks and how to convert from deprecated legacy configurations.

This presentation will give system administrators all of the knowledge they need to successfully implement networking for their RHEL 9 installations across the enterprise.

The meeting will begin at 18:30 (6:30 PM) EDT on Wednesday, June 5th.

CINLUG thanks Moser Consulting for hosting our meetings at their facility (6220 Castleway West Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46250).  (There will be a phone number at the entrance to call to be let into the building.)  The meeting will be simultaneously broadcast over this Jitsi Meet URL for those who cannot attend in person. (Though in-person attendance is encouraged.)

CINLUG meetings are the 1st Wednesday of every month.  Please be sure to block that night off in your calendar to keep it available!  Tentative upcoming topics are:

  • July: CUPS
  • August: Linux network video recorders (NVR) / digital video recorders (DVR)
  • September: NixOS
  • In the fall: hyper-converged infrastructure software

  1. Greg is a seasoned IT professional with over 25 years experience in all things Unix, the Linux kernel, data center operations, automation and virtualization technologies.  As a platform expert with Red Hat over the last 8 years, he assists customers in successfully employing their Linux installations to achieve better business outcomes.  In this role he has done numerous presentations and workshops assisting customers in maximizing the compute, security, and system management enhancements available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. ↩︎