March 1, 2006 - Annual Meeting

CINLUG meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm. They are FREE and OPEN to the public. Annual membership dues are $30 and payment of dues is encouraged to help with funding events and expenses. Just show up and find out more to see if you want to become a member.

March 1, 2006 - Annual Meeting:

Presenter: Travis Cross

Topic: Asterisk, an open source PBX that provides all of the features you would expect from a PBX and more. Asterisk does voice over IP in many protocols, and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware. For more information on Asterisk, visit

The March CINLUG meeting is the Annual Meeting of CINLUG, Inc. The Annual Meeting includes the collection of annual dues (set at $30 for 2006 by the CINLUG board) and the election of the next CINLUG Board of Directors. Six of the current board members have expressed interest in continuing on the Board of Directors. One person has volunteered to fill the remaining space on the board. To be eligible to serve on the board of directors, you must be a paid CINLUG member. For more information about the CINLUG Board of Directors, refer to Article III in the CINLUG Bylaws

Location: EDS

Come to the center set of doors. These doors are always locked. An EDS representative will man the doors from 6:45 pm to 7:15 pm, checking every 5 minutes. If you show up late (after 7:15), you will need to use a cell phone to call 317-578-5765 for access.

Directions to EDS