Freelance worker needed

I need someone that is willing to do some freelance work for my company. Can    
you post the help wanted on CINLUG. Feel free to include my email and phone. I  
am located in Indy and need someone here.                                       
So here is what I need:                                                         
My rack mount web server was taken down by a disgruntled employee. I need       
someone to get it back up and running. I have all the files and the server is   
suppose to be still good but I had the disks recovered and have those files as  
well. The server is Linux / Apache and has MySql PHP and a Radius Server. After 
fixed I will need someone that can maintain and do minor upgrades / changes.    
Please forgive typos - sent from my mobile.                                     
Jo Kremsreiter                                                                  
Mobile 636-233-2069                                                             
Office 302-327-9999 ext 1