Need help installing and configuring

Hi, everyone. I'm in Georgia (near Dalton, the Carpet Capital of the World) and I have a user in your area who's interested in at least trying linux as she's concerned her XP machine will be more vulnerable since Microsof is stopping support for XP SP2 and older. She's looking at a Mac laptop, but I think her old computer might make a decent linux box (I don't really know, as I've never actually met the lady in question or looked at her computer.)
I'm wondering if there is anyone in the Fishers or Carmel area who would be willing to help her out with setting up her computer with Ubuntu? I've got a CD I'm about to put in the mail to her, so I wouldn't need you guys or gals to provide a CD (unless you really wanted to.)
Feel free to email me directly - jaldrich[at] is my work email.


Glendale Mall

Our meetings are only a skip/jump from Fishers.  Bring the PC or laptop to one of the meetings and any one of us can help.  Sorry this is late.