OpenOffice2.0.x RPMs --> tar.gz file

Not sure if anyone else has run into this, but ever since went 2.0 they no longer have a universal installer. They are instead shipping a .tar.gz file that actually contains RPMs!

As I run a source based distribution (my own cooked up variant of Linux From Scratch), there wasn't a slick easy way to upgrade my OpenOffice (I had no intention of trying to compile that package). After digging on forums for a while, I found out how to do it and have (a year later) gotten around to scripting the whole thing out.

The script is included in a tar file with a statically linked version of busybox for the cpio needed to unpack the RPM file. The only dependency is PERL which you can't really have a distro without since it's needed by the build steps of MANY packages.

The script is available at
if anyone is interested.