IRDA ish'

Okay, four days of silence have passed, and I can't hold this question any longer...

I have an IRDA/USB thingy (passive) I use(d) for synchronizing my Palm OS stuff under Lose-dows. My recent upgrade from Ubuntu 5.10 to Kubuntu 6 did nothing to assist, and I still don't have the knowledge base to grasp the concept.

Here's what I've been able to glean from personal experience; tell me if I'm wrong here...
The AutoRecognize needs a device (some sort of 'thing' hanging off the USB (not an open-ended, Heisenbergian 'likelihood of a thing').

No? (See tagline.)

Anyone throw a NuB a brick?



No expert here.

I use intellisync for Zaurus on Linux, but know ziltch about Palm OS. How 'bout the HOWTO:

Dave Brown

Okay, how about this one?

When I log in (Kubuntu 6), the new thing is that the login screen shows up again and again ad infinitum.

When I can log in, it's rare that I don't get the message that the "system protocol has died unexpectedly", and nothing works afterward. (I'm logged in as root right now.)

I've been having trouble w/ OO telling me I'm out of HDD space (even after a re-install), but dunno how that might be possible.

Also, my number of sleeping processes had gone up to 86, which just sounds like too many, even for a NuB.

Confused in Castleton,

X windows

What kind of video card do you have? The cycling login screen sounds like an xorg.conf misconfiguration?

Maybe publish your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?

Dave Brown

X windows


Dave, it's not the video card (onboard the Compaq M2000, incidentally).

Did I mention I'm an idiot?

This really belongs in a different thread...

I found this neat little ap called partimage, and tried to create an image of my install for backup purposes. But, like a true bonehead, I saved it to a place on the HDD I was imaging, so it referenced itself over and over and over...

...until the drive was full. (Hence all the OO errors.)

I have a rm -r in process now; it has about 14Gb of stuff to go through before it finshes. I'll keep you posted.

Mark this one down in your diaries, boys, the biggest Linux dope you've ever heard of...


Practice makes perfect

One of the best ways to learn something is by doing it yourself. You're getting valuable experience - don't give up on yourself :)

good advice!

Good advice! I've had several encounters with things I was unprepared to work on with Linux. But Google rules, and has saved my but several times!

Dave Brown


I don't think I can help with this specific issue since I neither have a Palm PDA nor am I experiencing the same issues with Ubuntu. I'd post your issues on the ubuntu forums - - be sure to mention which specific Ubuntu release you're using (Dapper is 6.06, Edgy is 6.10).

Re: Help

As usual, thank you.

OT, are there any other meetings scheduled for Nov. other than the CINLUG meeting on the 1st? I'd like the chance to buy the first couple beers (particularly yours & Dave's).


Nov Meetings

We don't have any meetings scheduled other than the November 1 meeting. December 6, 2006 is our last meeting at EDS, then we're moving to the auditorium at the Glendale Mall branch of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library starting January 3, 2007. We plan on adjourning to O'Charley's after the meetings at Glendale since the library and mall close at 9:00 PM.