Another Win Bites the Dust

Okay, so I conviced a friend to come to the linux side of things. Her HD completely crashed (running Win98) and no longer boots properly, requiring a complete reinstall. Rather than that, I want to install a Minimalist Linux Distribution onto the system (Slax isn't recommended for actual HD loading per their website). I have two questions: 1, how would you all recommend I reformat/repartition the HD in order to install linux clean onto it? and 2, What Distribution is small, peitie, cute and likes simplicity in an owner/machine relationship? It does need at least KDE (or any decent GUI), as my friend is only used to Windows, so a GUI is necessary. I did look at BeatrIX, but I've never used it before, so I don't know how stable it is. I do need something pretty solid, nothing fly-by-code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



System stats

What are the stats of the machine she has? I'd recommend ubuntu (gnome) or kubuntu (KDE) for pretty and easy to use, but they're not small.

System is old. It has 64MB

System is old. It has 64MB Ram, 6GB HD, and I think I heard three hampsters running in wheels in order to power the CPU.

I use Ubuntu myself, and I would love to get it on hers, but it doesn't even have enough RAM to run the liveCD.

What about BeatrIX or something else that's minimal?


Puppy Linux is also small and more Windows-like than DSL (which I also like).

- T.

Thanks again! You guys are

Thanks again! You guys are awesome.

BeatrIX LiveCD/Install

I went ahead and installed BeatrIX on the system (333mhz, 64MB) and it's working fine. I even patched up with Open Office and a few games and it still runs like water down a mountain stream. God bless Linux, God bless Mr. Scrooge for turning me away.

Minimal distros

I'm not familiar with BeatrIX. You might want to take a look at Damn Small Linux.

Thanks, Chief!

Thanks, Chief!