Old System Assistance

I have an older system, and I'm looking for old distros to work. Any advice?


old distros

Slackware is a good distro for older systems. System requirements even for the newest release (10.2) is : 486 processor
16MB RAM (32MB suggested)
100-500 megabytes of hard disk space for a minimal and around 3.5GB for full install
3.5" floppy drive

If your system is even older than that, ZipSlack is a good choice. Only needs 4MB RAM and 100 MB disk space.


Awesome, guys! Thanks for the help. How is the DSL GUI? I'm still pretty reliant on GUI since I'm still pretty new to linux.


Try Slax http://www.slax.org/

It has the full KDE gui and KOffice apps. Not as tiny as DSL but more mid-range.

Old distros

You don't necessarily need an old distro, just a less resource intensive distro.

What kind of hardware?

Damn Small Linux would be what I'd recommend. I've also used Debian itself (DSL is a custom Debian distro, iirc) on old hardware (486 w/ 16MB ram and 300MB HD).