Changing Terminal To Do Auto Copy/Paste?

I'm using Terminal and I was wondering if there is a way to change it to automatically copy text you highlight and paste by right clicking? I'm used to this feature using Putty in Windows and would really like to get this feature back.

If it's not possibly using this terminal emulator, could anyone suggest an alternative that would allow this. I do though like this terminal but would just like to add these couple features. I did check the help file on the web but didn't see either of the options.

Great site and thanks for all the help I've already received.


copy and paste

I'm not familiar with "terminal" (searching around, it appears to be XFCE related) but if you're using X, there's a default copy and paste buffer that's available. With most X applications, you can copy by selecting the text and paste by clicking the middle mouse button.

Putty is also available for Linux so if middle clicking isn't acceptable, you might want to try the linux version of putty.


Yes Terminal is a defualt application with Kubuntu and its' xfce desktop. Here's the web site: [url][/url] Thanks for the info. about putty.