Drupal Questions


Do you have advice on how to take an existing website and port it to postnuke or drupal format. I have a ton of static pages I'd like to do minimal changes to and then start adding content via the tools of the drupal system...or can you wholesale port content easily?

Question 2...why does IE suck so bad with Drupal? Probably will get M$ bashes, but that is what corporate uses in general.


Porting to drupal

It's easier to port a site to drupal if it's already in a CMS. With static pages, you can cut and paste the individual pages. I'm not sure if there's a mass import of static pages.

Re: IE and drupal - the CINLUG theme uses CSS and isn't fully compatible with IE. I've tried making tweaks to make it render better in IE but haven't yet found the right tweaks. Not all drupal themes render poorly in IE.