Linux on a laptop

I have a Compaq Armada M300
I want to replace the Windows 2000 installation with Linux
I do NOT have the floppy drive or CDDRom for it
I have a USB CDROM but I read somewhere where you had to use a PCMCIA CDROM, Don't have one of those
Can anyone help me?
I live close to Terre Haute and would appreciate any help



vmware install server

I have a vmware install server that I downloaded pre configured. I haven't tested it, but it should be fairly easy to configure a vmware image with a server to do PXE boot so you can start your install. I can burn the one I have to a DVD for you or check for an installation appliance. has some links on how to setup Linux on an Armada M300. Without the floppy drive you're probably out of luck. If you had it, you could boot off a floppy and do a netinstall.

The machine says it will

The machine says it will boot via network
I enabled it and it works however I have no idea how to network boot anything
I have Windows XP Pro
Anything I can do
Whats the next step


Network boot

For a pure network boot, you'd need a DHCP server that supports BOOTP and a compatible boot image.

What if I built a machine

What if I built a machine with Ubuntu
can I easily make it a server and then create a network boot for the laptop

I say yes!

I'm not sure, but I'd say yes. If you get all this going it might be a cool presentation. When can we put you on the schedule?

Need to be able to boot from CD or Floppy.

I think you'll have to setup your bios to boot from USB CD. If you can't do might be hosed. Unless someone knows a way to network boot it and start an install without even having a boot floppy or rescue CD image to start it?