Old Kernel & Supernetting

Anyone experienced in supernetting with old 2.4 versions of the Kernel...specifically Red Hat 7 or 8?

We setup a Red Hat 8 machine with the following IP:

Other machines on the same network can ping it, but it can't see or be seen by other networks. i.e. from you can ping it, but from you can't.
But you can see from and vice-versa. I think it may be a kernel config issue or some sort of network driver issue. The thing is I'm not allowed to upgrade the box, only possibly configure it, add rpms, and/or rebuild the kernel from the source that is on it.

Any thoughts?



You need a route between the two different networks. I would typically do something like this with a machine with multiple network cards and iptables.


The Advanced Routing HOWTO might be helpful.

Actually it works with

Actually it works with Kernel 2.6.15, Fedora Core5 without any special routing. Are you saying you have to do that because it is an old machine?

Dave Brown


No, I've just always done it with routing. I'll have to research this supernetting stuff - seems like it'd be useful for testing purposes.