Loading Linux on Old Laptop

I have a older Compaq Laptop that I want to load Linux on
The problem is I do not have a CDROM Drive
It does have a USB Port tho
How can I get Linux on the machine?




Debian can be installed from floppies, usb stick, etc. http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ Scroll to the lower part of the page and look for the section that lists those, click on i386, and download the images you want from the appropriate directory. Using the floppy images to get a basic system, then downloading the rest by ftp is pretty easy. Just out of curiousity: - How much memory does it have? - What's the processor/speed? - Does it have built-in ethernet, or a linux compatible network card? I run Debian on a PII/300 with 64MB (fluxbox desktop), so you don't need much. - T.