New website format

I like the new format of the website. It is much cleaner than before. My only question at this point is, have we permanently lost the 'Views' counter in the forums?




At the bottom of each forum post we get the number of reads for each post. I'll see if that information can be presented on the main forum page.


What happened to our little image avatars? P.S. I still like the Postnuke forums better, it seems easier for me to see what is new and what isn''s easier to see an icon than look for "1 new" or whatever. P.P.S. The site still blows in IE, but who gives a darn.

Dave Brown


I'm looking into fixes for the theme so it works better in IE, although there is a spreadfirefox button at the bottom of every page :) I'll see what I can do about the avatars and new post notification as well.


Avatars are back!