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If you just like trying different Linux distros, have a look at [url][/url] Myself and a friend bought some webspace to have fun with different remastering. Both of us have been around Damn Small Linux for awhile and just wanted to share some of our own creations with friends. This is not some "official" new linux distro, just friends having fun. We have a couple of builds now based on DSL. A miniboot and a I9NV_2.iso that is basically DSL on steriods with the latest libs from unstable and gtk2 apps. While the distro uses the tiny kdrive servers as default, xfree is in there to enable nvidia at boot like 'dsl nvidia'. It also has alsa. I just wanted to post here for anyone who likes to tinker with Linux. Feedback /ideas are encouraged. We even setup a forum for that. We are keeping I9NV_2 under 128mb. I may start some remasters off the new pclinuxos minime and am also building a very small OS specifically for picframes. If you have remasters you would like to share with folks, contact me and maybe we can work something out to share your builds. Again, this is just for fun. We don't have a HUGE amount of bandwidth but enough for now. We'll cross that bridge if we get to it. :) Chris