Instant messaging

I got an e-mail from the Director of Information Systems of Perkins Logistics that I got permission to forward here: Mr. Schultheiss, We have an Instant Messaging problem that I hope we can solve with Linux. As an exclusively MS shop, our problem is finding cost-effective and affordable Linux brains to help us. This is where, I hope, you and CINLUG can be of some assistance. Despite my best efforts to break the habit, our organization is heavily dependent on IM (specifically ICQ) for both internal and external business communications. Beyond my security concerns, our greatest problem is one of control, or more specifically the lack of it, over the availability and reliability of the service. Our proposed solution is to host a jabber server (or similar IM platform) on a Linux box in-house. This would afford us the control that we current lack over internal IM. Also, paired with an appropriate desktop client, it would also allow our users to continue to enjoy external IM. If your organization is unable to assist us, I hope you will at least be able to offer some advice as to how we might proceed. Sincerely, Tom Mulcahy Director of Information Systems Perkins Logistics, LLC Delivering: Quality, Value and Integrity (E)