usb mount/umount

Fedora Core 4 has made it very easy to automatically mount usb sticks, when you are logged in, it just pops up as an icon when you stick in the device. I know what is going on behind the scenes with fstab and such, so I've never had a problem unmounting the device. But, we have some users who insist on pulling the USB stick out before unmounting it and it is causing a rash of problems. There are stale mounts out there, permissions problems on the device when they do that, and worst of all if they have written data to it and pulled it out without a umount, the data may not have been written yet...yes that's the way Unix/Linux works I know, but try telling that to a Windows user. Anyway, any advice for a Linux administrator who has to deal with problem?


Re: usb mount/umount

Hotplug/udev normally handles the automounting portion. You'd think it'd do the right thing when the device was disconnected.