scalix connect/evolution woes

Scalix has just announced Version 10. At the same time, they announced scalix connect for evolution! How exciting. Except, I'm having a lot of trouble finding a version setup that will use it. It requires at least evolution 2.3. Unstable is 2.4, but my installations are all based on sarge which is 2.0.x. ./conigure checks the evolution versions and quits. Not sure why they had to require such new versions. Not only am I afraid I'm gonna break a lot of things going 'unstable', but changing my sources.list to it and trying to installl evolution gave a lot of dependancy errors. So I dropped that.

Supposedly, their rpm binary will work with Fedora Core 4 and RHEL 4,. I've got an uptodate version of Centos 4 and it only has evolution 2.0.2. Again, the rpm fais the dependancies. Yum upgrade doesn't seem to give any joy. Seems to be quite a few lib packages tied to this (and gnome as well).

Ovealll, this seems pretty painful just to get calendaring functions from the scalix server. Any grand ideas? I'm not a fan of fedora,. I prefer debian.



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Convert to the darkside of Fedora Core...all your base are belong to us!

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I run unstable on everything. Despite the name, it's pretty stable unless there are a lot of library transitions going on. As long as you watch what's happening while dist-upgrading, you should be able to prevent most problems.

Ubuntu is based on Debian unstable and is frozen every six months. You might want to consider it if you want more frequently updated packages along with security support (although Debian Testing also has more frequent updates as well as security support).

Re: scalix connect/evolution woes

OK. Let me narrow this a bit.

I've got a couple debian sarge distros I use. Want to upgrade gnome to the gnome desktop package from unstable (scalix recommends this). Is it as simple as editing sources.list and doing an apt-get update, apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment, apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment, etc.? Will apt-get install gnome do it? Do I have to migrate most of my distro to unstable to get this to work. Or do I just download gnome 2.12 from and go fer it? What will I break if I do that?

Yeah, I'm still headed toward the dccri route on a different machine (and using unstable version of gnome), but I need this email/calendar thing on existing distros. Guess this question also applies to redhat distros (centos/fedora). I could use yum or try to install rpms and get dependancy errors.

Why these guys HAVE to make this depend on the bleeding edge version of gnome and evolution is beyond me. Seems you'd work toward a more common denomenator.

Ah, this is making me feel more and more like a total noob. Help me Obi Wan!