Debian/Ubuntu apt-get problem

I've been pleased with synaptic package manager, but...
I've encountered a problem.

It keeps segmentation faulting...

Then I tried apt from the command line & it segfaults too...

apt-get remove synaptic

Segmentation Fault.

What in the world? I was trying to remove it and reinstall it...but it won't let me.

apt-get segfaults on other commands too.

I'm ready to boot Ubuntu.


Re: Debian/Ubuntu apt-get problem

It shouldn't have broken anything else, nor should you have had to do that. I'm not sure what would cause that, but at least you got it working.

Re: Debian/Ubuntu apt-get problem

I tried lots of different things...then did a last ditch:

apt-get install apt --reinstall --force-yes
apt-get install synaptic --reinstall --force-yes

And it seems to have worked.
Any Debian guy might explain to me why I had to do what I did, and if doing what I did potentially broke something else?