Linux powers robotic cow-milking machine (TRUE)

[i](There's plenty of stories about Linux being used in space and in the greatest supercomputers on Earth, but I like this story)[/i] A 122-year-old dairy equipment company has used Linux to control a robotic cow-milking system (the system is robotic, not the cows). Delaval's "Voluntary Milking System" (VMS) lets the cows decide for themselves when to be milked, and gives dairy farmers a more independent lifestyle, free from regular milkings, the company says. The system runs a 2.4.18 Linux kernel on an x86 single-board computer. Be sure to catch the cool videos showing cows using the VMS to milk themselves.


Re: Linux powers robotic cow-milking machine (TRUE)

Yes, the movie is must-see TV. I laughed my butt off, :lol: but it's amazing how well it works.

Linux... is there anything it [i]can't[/i] do?

- T.

Re: Linux powers robotic cow-milking machine (TRUE)

AWSOME! Did you watch the movie? They need that music from the WB looney-toons cartoons when they have a contraption assembly line running... I think the band Rush did a bit of it in La Villa Strangiato... but actually it is a 1936 song "Powerhouse" by Raymond Scott. Warner Brothers music director Carl Stalling used "Powerhouse" in his Warner Brothers cartoon scores during the '40s and '50s.