Linux nfs server vs. Mac OS X nfs client

Now that my wife has a (Mac OS X v.10.3.something) laptop, I'm trying to set up our home machine (Dell Dimension 2400 w/SuSE 9.2 pro) as a file and backup server using nfs (there are reasons for this which preclude my using rsync as I have successfully in the past with both Win and Linux machines, and I [i]thought[/i] that nfs would be easier than samba, since both machines are I wrong?!). When I'm running nfs client (SuSE 9.2 pro) on my Dell M60 it's all good, so I can only assume that the basic nfs setup is correct.
Trouble is, the Mac's /etc/passwd doesn't list her as a user!...I guess the OS does everything by proxy, so to speak. Well, the nfs server would really like to know what the client's user's uid/gid are before it allows her to write to the nfs filespace; currently, she can see and open exported files but cannot write to the server.
Forums, etc., keep mentioning the -P option (for client side config, sets a port below 1024), which did allow connecting at all, and the anonuid/anongid (for server side, supposed to map a client's root user to anon...I've unsuccessfully tried setting her Linux uid/gid there), which only seems to affect viewability but not writeablility. Also, the server no_root_squash option makes no difference at all as far as I can tell.
The [b]only[/b] way I've gotten her to be able to write to her Linux home dir from her Mac is by setting 777 perms, which would be very dangerous for her...not because she's got data that's a matter of national defense but because we have a four-year-old who's on the computer as much as we are ('nuff said).
The Mac auto-logs on at boot time, and has no root password set (it does prompt for her "user" password before allowing important setting changes to take place, so there is some semblance of security; not having a great deal of OS X experience (yet), I'm leary of "turning on" the root password unless that would also create a [i]real[/i] user entry for her which I could map to her nfs server account (maybe?)...
Oh, one other thing: all of the files she "owns" on the Mac are actually owned by either root:wheel or her username:username, depending upon ??? (I tried changing her default group (Linux-side) to wheel/root/her-Mac-username, as well as ripped out her user account and started over with a username identical to her Mac username...all to no avail, despite what now seems like hundreds of reboots of client and server)., please!


Re:Linux nfs server vs. Mac OS X nfs client might have some useful information. I know that the OS X client I have access to has no trouble mounting NFS shares from a Linux server but I haven't looked into specifics of how its setup.