:roll: does enybody know how to disable the root password in debian ? in mandrake ween you install it gives you the option for no root password and it would be verry nice if i could set debian up this way ... becouse im the only person on this computer at all times i dont need or want a root password...thanks


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in suse 9.3 i figured out how to do it ...its easy just edit root in kuser and set password leav blank and click ok and your done

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dident work but thanks for trying

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You can hand edit the /etc/shadow file as root and take out the encrypted password (i.e. just make it null between the two colons where the encrypted password should be.)

Once you do this, make sure you can login as root:
In another window type:

It should ask for password and when you hit enter it should come back with a prompt

Or better yet hit ctrl-alt-F1 and try logging in as root at the command prompt before you log out to make sure we didn't hose up your /etc/shadow file.

If that works great.

If not, try setting roots password again using passwd to get a valid encrypted password in the /etc/shadow file before logging off.

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ween i do that it say put in new password ween i just hit enter it ask for new password again so how do you put a no password in i tryed just hitting my space bar once and now thats my new password

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open a shell window
passwd root
then just put in a blank password

If your the only user of the machine I'd strongly suggest having a root password and creating a user account. When you do things as do them. You may accidentally regret it.