Need inexpensive mouse add-on

PROBLEM: I have several older computers that I am rebuilding and none of them have PS/2 mouse ports. They are are built from donated parts, and are going to kids at my school, so they don't cost me much but time and effort and I'm hoping to keep it that way.

It looks like I could probably add a USB controller and USB scroll mouse for about $15 apiece (plus tax and shipping) through NewEgg. Can anyone else suggest an even cheaper option? Are there any salvage places that have used USB (even 1.x) controller cards, or even PS/2 cards (if such a thing exists)? I have a bunch of PS/2 mice and no way to use them.

Serial mice are a possibility I guess, but I don't have a source for any, and they'd have to be in decent condition.

Sorry if this sounds cheap, but I don't make much as a social worker.


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Re:Need inexpensive mouse add-on

Contact John Crooks at the Virtual Scavengers Project. I am sure they probably have some serial mice. I believe I have some but have no idea how many. VSP would probably be more convenient.

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Re: Need inexpensive mouse add-on

You could buy a USB to PS/2 adapter: but you'd still need a USB controller with that option, so it'd be 15 for the card and 10 for the adapter. At least that way you could also use your PS/2 keyboards too and wouldn't need new keyboards or mice. In bulk you could get the adapters for less, so the total cost would be around $23. That's all I can think of to help you. Good luck.