Beige G3 PowerMac users?

In addition to my Lintel rig, I also have a Beige G3/333 MiniTower (manufactured 11/12/98) which I've expanded over the years to offset it's age. Right now it's at 768MB of memory (maxed out), has 90 GB of storage, plus aftermarket USB and Firewire support, in addition to the built in SCSI.

While I appreciate Aqua and its utility in bringing the OS 9 feel and function to OS X’s BSD Mach-kernelled foundation – Beige G3 owners like me have to face the facts. Utilities like XPostFacto may allow us to stick with OS X a bit longer, but eventually, Apple will leave us behind successfully – forcing us to buy a new computer or find a different operating system. Personally, I’ve decided not to allow Apple to decide how many years of use my computer has left. However, I haven't had much luck with finding a good replacement Linux distro.

I've been experimenting with a slightly older Beige G3/266 Desktop model at work and wasn't able to get Debian 3.0r3, Mandrake 10.1, or Yellow Dog 3.0.1 to run on it. The open firmware is the problem I guess, but I don't know enough about it to make it work. Even on Linux distros, Oldworld support is getting thin.

On Jaguar, I've also set up XDarwin with Gnome, and installed FINK and GNUOSX PM, and haven't been too satisfied. I wouldn't mind seeing how someone else has these working on their Mac (Beige or otherwise).

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Beige G3 PowerMac users?

I just joined the user group and I am a G3 Mac user. I also tried to install Yellowdog Linux on my old Beige G3. Of course, it crashed everytime. Its the idea of installing Linux on top of OS9 that really makes me scared. I'm currently using that beige G3 for a music server and storage under OSX.
I also have a iMac 1.25 ghz thats running X11 with Fink and KDE interface. I love it. It totally freaks out my PC/MAC freinds. I'm currently using such programs as gimp, abiword, nmap, klamav... simple stuff. I made this rootless, just in case i screw something up.
I also have a iBook, first generation, running YDL 4.0. It has a small hard drive but its great for testing programs or network information...
I do have a pic of my iMac running X11 w/ KDE if your interested?

Re:Beige G3 PowerMac users?

Thanks. I'd already found that particular article, and it doesn't actually get to the part where you install Debian... just as far as installing the BootX bootloader. The promised 'follow-up article' with the Debian install was never written. :P

Maybe I'll write the author directly to ask.

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Re:Beige G3 PowerMac users? has some information about running Debian on a Beige G3.