Modem Help

I am really looking for some face to face assistance if possible.

As I have posted elsewhere, I have a NFP refurbishing PC's for needy children similar to Virtual Scavengers in Indy.

I am trying to offer needy families an inexpensive modem for them to get online. While externals are the best alternative I haven't had the best of luck finding them cheaply. I found a PCI modem here
[url][/url] that looked promising. The mfg has linux drivers here [url][/url]. This modem is just $8.

I have been trying to install it but have been having alot of trouble. I am only one year into linux so my knowledge is not vast. I have spent much time the last 4 days reading about modems, setserial, wvdial, etc. I have been able to use PPP to get the modem to click open but it will not dial. That is about the best I've done. I can't get wvdial to recognize it. My online Linux friends have been trying to help me but we haven't been able to lick this problem. I would really like for someone to help me with this. It might be best if this could be done in person. If it works I need to have a good understanding as I will be installing on MANY machines. I live in Crawfordsville but would be more than willing to meet someone in Indy. We could even meet at a neutral site like VSP.

Please let me know if you would be willing to help out. Thanks

No Computer Left Behind, Inc.