Open Office 1.0 Installation

Anyone tried to install Open Office 1.0? With Sun moving Star Office 6.0 to a fee-based license, I thought I would give Open Office a try. However, I think there is a mistake in the installation instructions.
The Linux installation instructions posted on the download site say you should login as root and run the installation routine (./setup -net). Then, they say you should login with a normal user account and run the user portion of setup (./setup) without the -net, to copy 1.4MB worth of files to your home directory. The instructions say you should select "Normal Installation" but that is not a choice. The two choices are: "Workstation Installation" which is described as "running programs from the network" or, "Local Installation" which wants to install 210MB worth of stuff to the hard drive and seems to be trying to duplicate the root setup routine. Finally, the instructions say that if you run GNOME or KDE you'll find Open Office fully intergrated into your environment. I assume they mean program icons off the start menu but I can't find any program icons under KDE. Just wondering what others have experienced?


Re:Open Office 1.0 Installation

I ran setup from the program location as you suggested. I still had the choices of Workstation Installation or Local Installation. I chose "Workstation" at 2.1MB since that was the closest option to what the instructions describe. The program works if I open a terminal and type my way to the executable, but I thought the installation routine was supposed to modify your KDE menus to add program icons?

Re:Open Office 1.0 Installation

Are you running the setup from the directory you installed OpenOffice into (ie /usr/local/OpenOffice/setup)? I know it fails to work correctly if you don't do that.