Support for Linux Questions over IRC

IRC is not a newbie friendly forum, but if you know how to use it and interact in the environment more than likely you will get an answer to the questions you would otherwise have to wait to ask. As I discussed at the meeting tonight, I promised several of you that I'd post something like this This is a quick guide to using IRC as a knowledge base to answer your questions. First off we need a question, and this is where most newbies go wrong is the phrasing and placing of the question. For a very excellent guide to asking questions consult [url=]ESR's Guide to asking Questions[/url]. This is a great document to get you started and to possiblygive you ideas as to how to solve it yourself. Remember solving it yourself teaches you not only to solve that problem, but to also be self-dependant, which is a very important attribute when working with linux/unix users. Next up is a quick IRC primer, and for this we're going to use [url=]X-Chat[/url]. (the simple reason behind that is that it's what I use, and what I feel is easiest to learn) Once you have packages (appropriate for your distribution) of xchat, run xchat from the gnome menu, or alternately via running "xchat" in an xterm. You'll be presented with a list of servers, double click on, and any server thereunder. You are now (hopefully) connected to FreeNode. Now via /join, join the channel you need to access '/join #' is a good start. If you are unsure as to which channel to join, join #freenode, and ask for a proper forum for your question. They will be happy to help you, and who knows you might even run into me if you're really lucky :).