Linux on IBM RS/6000 43P Model 140

I can't find any resource that tells me if I can put Linux on my RS/6000 43P Model 140. IBM's site tells me that it is possible with the 150, but I can find no documentation regarding the 140.

I'm not enough of a hardware person to have a clue if there is a difference between these two models that would make it work on one and not the other.


Re:Linux on IBM RS/6000 43P Model 140

According to the folks at SuSE, SuSE Linux 7.3 PowerPC editon is a "possibly supported system" on the Model 140. They were unable to acquire a machine to test it. I run the OS on a Mac and it runs beautifully.

Re:Linux on IBM RS/6000 43P Model 140

I recall looking for this once. I think SUSE supports these. If this works let me know man, I've got a couple of those doorstops sitting around, perhaps waiting to be reborn.