Volunteers Needed for Usability Testing of Linux-based VPS

USonyx is looking for volunteers with Linux development experience for usability testing of their recently released line of Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans. The Linux-based VPS hosting services with their dedicated-like features provide a full set of applications, services, support and tools designed for the needs of SMBs and Web Developers. Participants in the usability program will be given a FREE full-root access VPS account and asked to provide feedback on their experience(s), perceptions, and opinions of USonyx’s VPS hosting services.

Those interested in volunteering in the program should contact carlos@usonyx.com, being sure to include your name, email address, phone number, and number of years of experience developing on the Linux platform. If you wish to learn more about USonyx or its VPS offerings please reference the company’s Web site at http://www.usonyx.com

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)
According to International Data Corporation (IDC), Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is blurring the lines between shared and dedicated Web hosting. In a shared hosting schema, multiple customers are housed on a single server and, although price per month tends to be low, this type of environment is not flexible, secure, or stable enough to host a business’ Web site. On the other hand, Dedicated-hosting, with one customer on one server, does offer advanced functionality, but at a prohibitively high price-point. A VPS offers customers the “best of both worlds,” as it behaves like an isolated stand-alone server, offering the flexibility, power and reliability before only found on a dedicated server - only for a price comparable to that of shared hosting.

About USonyx
USsonyx is a leading provider of affordable, innovative Web hosting solutions for SMEs and offers Web hosting, e-commerce, and application hosting services. From basic shared to virtual private servers to dedicated hosting, USonyx is providing a low-cost means of provisioning and maintaining a steadfast Web presence that meets and exceeds all business objectives. More information about USonyx can be found at [url]www.usonyx.com[/url]