Nothing really promotion.

With this last post, I now have more posts than Michael. We need to promote the website at the next meeting and get these Forums more active. The more interaction among members of CINLUG the better. I don't want to use this as a chat between a handful of members...I'd like to see some real transfer of information/knowledge. See for some serious quantity/quality forums posts.


Re:Nothing really promotion.

Wow, I'm gonna have to poke around there. (I bricked my SL-5000D trying to flash a while back.) Thanks for the link. Oh, and hi.

Re:Nothing really promotion.

I'd also like to see the forums used more often. I'm still working on transitioning the posts from the old forum to the new forum, but even on the old forum we only had a couple hundred posts total. I participate on other sites where they get about 100 posts per day in their forums or several hundred messages on their mailing lists per month.