Core Dump

Is there any way to force a complete core dump on an unresponsive system?

by unresponsive I mean, won't respond to ping, the caps lock key, anything.

Thank you in advance.


Re:Core Dump

Are you running X? I have experienced a weird problem in older version of XFree86 with the i810 Intel video. It locks up, and alt-F1 won't bring up the console. It won't let you ping or ssh in. I haven't seen the problem since I switched to Fedora and XFree86 4.3. The only thing that I could do at that point is a reboot...ctrl-alt-del still worked. Does this sound familiar?

As for "forcing a core dump," make sure you run a kernel with the kernel debuggin turned on, also if the above does sound familiar, check your XFree86 logs.

Re:Core Dump

Have you tried enabling SysRq?
I think its Alt-SysRq to trigger it, but if you enable it, it should allow you to get disagnostics.