Multi server Linux user management

What are some of the better solutions to managing linux users on multiple servers?
I'm looking at implementing something for about 20+ Linux servers, and I want something that will offer user/pass and possibly sudoers abilities.
The ability to interface with NT Domain/Active Directory would be a plus, but not required.


Re:Multi server Linux user management

Novell allows for Edirectory users to automatically link into the Linux User Management system. (Novell LUM) - Basically links are created between the SuSe Open Enterprise Server and Novell Edirectory, you create a LUM enabled group in Edir and then LUM enable the users. Then users can authenticate to POSIX compliant resources on the Linux box.

Re:Multi server Linux user management

I'll give a little more info on my setup:

20 linux servers in production.
2 weaker linux servers as nagios/utility servers.

I have no more than 6 users that use these servers total.
They don't use them for anything other than the application that the servers support. All user services are handled on exchange/novell etc.

The files I need to worry about are passwd shadow groups and sudoers.

Re:Multi server Linux user management

1) NIS maps - Configure one box as your main file server and mount home directories via NFS, and serve passwd/group info via NFS.

2) If you have a beefy enough box, 20 users would probably work just fine on a single box. Setup your one box with dual P4 3.4 GHz processors, a Terra of disk, a couple Gig memory, etc. Then setup a bunch of cheap "Linux Terminal Servers" with a single decent processor and a good video card.

Re:Multi server Linux user management

At work we keep our authentication in LDAP and /etc/sudoers in Subversion. We've got sysadmin tools to scp admin files (like /etc/sudoers) out to the various boxes people have access to.