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I have a dual boot system (Windows 2000 & Suse 9.0). I am connected to a cable modem through a router. The system has a Lan on Motherboard connection that works on SUse as eth0. I installed a 10/100 PCI ethernet card and drivers for Windows. The PCI card supports Linux 2.2, 2.4. Both cards are detected and configured by SUse as eth0 and eth1. The PCI card works with Windows and the LoM works with SuSe, but neither cards works with both . How do I get 1 card (preferably the PCI) to work with both?


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Might try booting with a 'live' CD such as Knoppix or Mepis and see if it can detect the nics properly. The lspci command should show the same, though.

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If you boot into Linux and run the command lspci and lspci -n and post the results here we can try to help find the correct driver for your network cards.

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Check the MFG site of your network card. They may have a driver for Linux. Perhaps it may be recognized by a newer version of RedHat...namely Fedora Core 2. For you SuSE 9 users, you can order a free copy of 9.1 from Novell ... what was that link Michael?

finding the network adapter

Almost the same situation, running xp and Red Hat Fedora. We're using DSL with MSN/Verizon through an NVIDIA nForce network adapter (built onto the motherboard). We haven't even gotten to logging in yet, but Red Hat can't find the right network adapter.

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What brand model are the LoM and PCI cards?

SuSE 9.0 is based on Linux kernel 2.4.21, so it should be supported if your PCI card says it works with 2.4.

You may have to download and compile a driver from your manufacturer's website for your linux box. You may also have to download a driver for windows to get your LoM to work there.

Really can't help any more than that unless we have more info.