Ximian Evolution Demo
I find the heart of Evolution to be the contact list. After dealing with so many Linux mail clients that weren't able to handle my address book requirements, it was a relief to finally find one that worked for me.

Individual contact record

I know the pictures are a little "cutesy", but it does the job and allows me to file my E-mail address as I wish to.

Contact list

The contact list is what caused me so many problems in programs like Kmail and Mozilla's mail. If I was willing to forget about HTML mail, I could find plenty of programs that handled lists of people. The trick was finding one that would do HTML mail and be able to do address lists.

Filter dialog box

The filters have been useful to me since I could separate E-mails from separate accounts into separate folders. I found the filters easy to set up as well.

Well, this has been a brief look into Evolution. I encourage you to click the link at the beginning of this presentation if you want more information.